Aeropres Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of high-purity gases to a wide variety of markets.

While the aerosol industry is the mainstay of the Aeropres product line, the company also provides high-purity gases for other applications including natural refrigerants and other working fluid applications, foam expansion agents (blowing agents), and for various uses across the chemical industry.

For over 40 years Aeropres has succeeded by delivering remarkable service to its customers, by creating distinctive competitive advantages through an impressive list of innovations and by attracting and retaining a talented team of professionals whose teamwork and creative energy represent the company’s greatest asset.

From natural gas liquids, Aeropres is the largest manufacturer and marketer of ecologically safe propellants, which are used in a variety of spray cans from hair spray and mousses to shaving cream and spray paint.  While the aerosol industry is the mainstay of the Aeropres product line, the company also produces NGLs to the polymer and plastic foam blowing industries. These high purity products include propane, normal butane, isopentane, normal pentane, Dymel 152a (Difluoroethane), and Dimethyl Ether, singly or in any blend combination.

Letter From the CEO

For over 30 years, Aeropres has supplied natural gas liquids to a wide variety of markets.  We have sustained and continued to improve our leadership position in our primary market by providing aerosol propellants.  We have aggressively pursued and developed new markets, including LPGs for use as a blowing agent in the production of foam products, refrigeration applications, and for feedstock in the petrochemical industry.

Aeropres’ core belief that understanding the needs of customers and consistently meeting those needs results in success.  This strategy has driven a steady volume increase of double-digit growth for several years running.  Despite an inconsistent economic climate during this time, company growth continues and shareholder value has increased.

Aeropres’ growth and success are a direct result of the creative energy and innovative ideas of employees, supported by shareholder investment.  Ideas developed by our leadership team and front-line employees plus shareholder investments have produced competitive advantages.  Examples include: a gas fractionator, which provides our customers with high-quality, guaranteed, long-term supply of product and allows us to have control over the supply chain; our fleet of Super Barrel™ trailers, both single and double barrel vessels that deliver up to 2,000 gallons more product for the same freight cost; and telemetry and vendor-managed inventory programs to customers in each market served.  These examples represent the excellent teamwork between Aeropres’ sales and marketing group, operations, and the customer, thereby creating innovative and efficient solutions for both Aeropres and our customers.

Our future looks bright.  We are confident that when creativity and experience are combined with purpose, success follows.

Ken Odom
Chairman of the Board