Fysis is our new line of refrigerant grade isobutane and propane. These products are designed for newly manufactured or converted ACR systems that are compatible with the EPA's small charge application guidelines.

The Fysis natural refrigerant product lineup (R290, R600 and R600a) is poised to meet the growth in the refrigeration industry. These refrigerant products meet both AHRI and UL regulatory specifications as well as those for many major equipment manufacturers.


The EPA is mandating the phasing out of very high global warning refrigerants and HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) refrigerants in the U.S. by 2020. The development of alternative non-GWP (global warming potential) products such as HC (hydrocarbon) that prove to have a much less environment impact make for safer natural refrigeration solutions.


For the past 45 years, Aeropres Corporation has been on the forefront of developing and formulating low GWP natural hydrocarbon solutions for many industries. We now bring our tested, innovative solutions approach and supply chain to the refrigeration industry with our Fysis family of products.

Fysis can be supplied in a variety of formats to suit your needs from an assortment of cylinder sizes to bulk via railcar and truck trailers.

Low-GWP Natural Refrigerant Solutions

Product Data

ASHRAE # R-290
Trade Name na
Chemical Formula propane HC
Liq °F NBP -44.0
Safety Class A3
Critical °F 206
GWP 100 years 3.3
Oil All
Application Small ACR Systems


Below are product specification and safety documentation for the Fysis family of products. Click the icon below to view/download the selected file.

Fysis R290 SDS

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