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You can't see it, touch it, smell it, or taste it but you'll find it in many of the products you use every day. If you have sprayed anything from an aerosol can or bottle it is very likely that you have used the products of Aeropres Corporation.

In 1973, Chairman B.C. McKeever and eleven other local investors bought the small, Illinois-based Aeropres and moved it to Shreveport, Louisiana. Beginning with a single plant, the company initially reached nearly $2 million in annual sales. By the year 2000, annual sales had grown to $75 million.

From natural gas liquids, Aeropres is the largest manufacturer and marketer of ecologically safe propellants, which are used in a variety of spray cans from hair spray and mousses to shaving cream and spray paint. While the aerosol industry is the mainstay of the Aeropres product line, the company also produces NGLs to the polymer and plastic foam blowing industries. These high-purity products include propane, normal butane, isopentane, normal pentane, 152a (Difluoroethane), and Dimethyl Ether, singly or in any blend combination.

Aeropres has become a trusted name in the industry for a variety of reasons, but one stands out above the rest: Innovation. With over thirty years of industry leadership, Aeropres has never stopped looking for ways to make their product better, easier to use, easier to buy, and easier to sell. Others may talk about innovation; at Aeropres we are innovation.