Aeropres Earns Top Safety Recognition from Union Pacific Railroad – 12 Years Running

UP Pinnacle Award

UP 8266 leads a string of tank cars along the coastline near Gaviota State Park, California.

Aeropres has once again earned the prestigious 2023 Pinnacle Award from Union Pacific Railroad. This award recognizes Aeropres’ exceptional commitment to the safe and responsible transportation of chemicals by rail. Notably, this marks the 12th consecutive year of recognition for Aeropres, with their award-winning safety record dating back to 2012. The Pinnacle Award highlights companies that excel in several key areas: preventing accidental chemical leaks, having robust corrective action plans in place, and maintaining a perfect record of zero non-accidental hazardous material releases.

Aeropres’ consistent achievement of this award reflects their deep-rooted prioritization of safety protocols. This aligns with Union Pacific’s unwavering commitment to protecting both the environment and the communities their rail shipments travel through. Union Pacific actively supports companies like Aeropres in upholding these high standards. They provide resources like joint safety training programs, thorough rail car inspections, and a dedicated Hazardous Materials team specializing in prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery related to chemical transport. To learn more about Union Pacific’s safety efforts, visit their website

The transportation of chemicals plays a vital role in our modern world, as these materials are used in countless everyday products. Ensuring this transportation is done safely and responsibly is paramount. Aeropres’ consistent recognition by Union Pacific underscores their role as a leader in responsible chemical transportation practices, setting a positive example for the entire industry. If you’d like to learn more about the Aeropres product, you can visit their website