Powering Industries with High-Purity Gases: Aerosol, Petrochemical, Foam, and More

At Aeropres, we serve a diverse range of markets with our high-purity gases. Whether you are in the aerosol industry, the petrochemical sector, or the foam industry, we have the products and expertise to meet your needs. Our products include aerosol propellants, foam blowing agents, refrigerants and working fluids, and special grade isobutane and propane for use as a solvent in the polymer industry. We also offer custom gas blending capabilities to cater to specific customer requirements.


Aeropres is the leading provider of aerosol propellants in the U.S., setting the industry standard with our high-quality products. Our propellants are produced under stringent specifications to ensure consistent performance and safety. The unique value we offer to our customers extends beyond our superior products. We take an innovative approach to customer service, working closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.

Petrochemical Applications

Aeropres plays a vital role in the polymer industry, producing and delivering special grade isobutane and propane for use as solvents. These gases offer significant benefits, including lengthening catalyst life, which can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings. Our commitment to superior customer service ensures we’re always there to support our customers in the petrochemical sector.

Foam Blowing Agents

Our foam blowing agents are available in both liquid and gas form, and in quantities that suit your needs, whether in bulk or cylinders. We supply a variety of gases, including propane, normal butane, isobutane, normal pentane, and isopentane. These can be purchased separately or as blends, providing you with the flexibility to choose the product that best meets your requirements.

Gas Blending Capabilities

Aeropres offers the benefit of its years of experience and its proprietary equipment and software to produce custom blends for third parties. Aeropres provides toll blending services and can also offer logistical solutions if needed. Our custom blending services allow us to create very specific blends accurately time after time.

Refrigeration and Working Fluids

The right working fluids are crucial for efficient refrigeration. At Aeropres, we understand this and are committed to helping our customers find the perfect blend of gases for their specific needs. We provide a standard refrigerant grade propane for use in chillers across a variety of industries. 

Aeropres also offers its Fysis™ brand line of UL certified refrigerants including R290 and R600a.