Fysis™: Your Solution for Natural Refrigeration

As the world moves towards more sustainable solutions, Fysis™ is leading the charge with our line of UL certified propane and isobutane R290 and R600a. Designed for newly manufactured or converted ACR systems, our products are in line with the EPA’s small charge application guidelines.

 Why Choose Fysis™? With the EPA mandating the phasing down of higher global warming refrigerants, the need for alternative, low-GWP products has never been greater. That’s where Fysis™ comes in. Our products, which are derived from natural gas liquids (NGL’s), have a much lower environmental impact, creating a more sustainable natural refrigeration solution.

A Legacy of Innovation For 50 years, Aeropres Corporation has been at the forefront of developing and formulating low-GWP natural hydrocarbon solutions for various industries. We bring our tested, innovative solutions approach and supply chain to the refrigeration industry with our Fysis™ family of products.

Flexible Supply Options Fysis™ can be supplied in various formats to suit your needs, from an assortment of cylinder sizes to bulk via railcar and truck trailers.

Industry-Approved Our Fysis™ natural refrigerant product lineup (R290 and R600a) meets both AHRI and UL regulatory specifications and those for many major equipment manufacturers.

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